The Symptoms of Addiction

The Symptoms of Addiction

The symptoms of addiction in a family member can be pretty hard to spot.  Hiding an addiction to alcohol can be very different from someone who has a problem with heroin.  But there are some common signs that are universal both behavioral and physical that indicate addiction has taken hold.  Here are some things to look for and what you should be wary of.


An addicts behavior can become very secretive and this is one thing you should keep an eye out for.  Regardless of whether they gambling, using drugs, drinking or shopping, the addict will be more secretive as the addiction takes hold.  You have to be particularly careful when it comes to teenagers, teenagers can become addicts too but and they are secretive by nature anyway.

Mood and Behavioral Changes

Addiction doesn’t discriminate between sex, socioeconomic status or age.  It can happen to anyone but there are physical symptoms that you can watch out for.  Many addicts are anxious and jittery, they are constantly looking for their next fix or the opportunity to find money to support their habit.  This same addictive behavior leaves the addict moody and defensive when you question their actions.

There are emotional side effects as well, addiction is stressful and addicts are constantly under stress.  Most addicts are also extremely paranoid and that is a side effect of the drug use.  Addicts are naturally secretive and try and hide their behavior from their loved one.  They see everyone with a suspicious eye and become hostile if anyone questions them.


Because of their paranoia and hostile behavior addicts tend to isolate themselves from loved ones.  That keeps anyone from suspecting that they are a drug user, at the same time their friendships change instead they hang out with other addicts.  While you may consider these new friendships completely toxic the addict sees them as another avenue to feed their habit along with someone who understands their needs.  The stronger the addiction becomes the more isolated they get from family and friends.  There are parents who haven’t seen their children in years because of their addictions.

If you see someone you love showing any of the signs of addiction then it is time to act.  You can encourage them to get professional help or check into a rehab facility.  You will need plenty of patience as the suggestion may not be accepted by the addict.  An addict needs to want to quit and to enter into any kind of therapy or rehab voluntarily.

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